Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Welcome 2015!!

Wow, its the New Year already!  Time to get seriously serious about this whole training thing!

January is all about getting back into the swing of training.  To commit to workouts and follow through with them.  February will be all about continuing with the workouts and focusing on better nutrition throughout the month as well.

Getting back to January!  So far this month I have done three runs and one swim.

January 2nd was a 2K run on the treadmill (after a 10k bike ride)
January 4th was a 2.35K run on the treadmill - it was a hellish run.  Not fun at all!
January 6th was a 300m swim and a 100m kick - 400m workout total
January 7th was a 2.5k run on a track at Genesis Place.

The January 2nd run was fabulous!  I felt strong and was super happy to be on the treadmill, my run on January 4th was NOT pleasant.  Probably because I didn't really want to go for the run in the first place!  Must not dread the workouts!  My swim on January 6th was great but MAN I am out of shape when it comes to swimming!!  It was a hard workout!  My plan was to take my time and do 6 sets of 50m.  Keep it light and keep it decent.  After my first 50 I saw my time and thought - hmmmm, how long will it take me to do 100m then how long to 150m?  Then I just decided to swim the full 300m and see what my time would be if I were to do my tri right then.  I did it in 7:41 - not a blistering time at any rate but I am fairly happy with it.  Now I just need to continue with a pool swim once a week in January and February and bump it up to twice a week in March.  Getting back to my other workouts - I did  one more run on January 7th - it was a track run at Genesis place.  Going around in circles on a 200m track is NOT my idea of a good time, it was even worse than a treadmill BUT its miserable outside and it was nice to be able to run somewhere - even if it was just in circles rather than run in one spot on a treadmill!

Today is a rest day.  I need it, I'm tired (in a good way!) and I REALLY need to start going to bed earlier too.  Maybe that should be a January goal too - more sleep!!

Anyways, with a rest day scheduled for today and a run day tomorrow.  I'll check back soon!

See you later.