Saturday, January 2, 2016

2016 - A New Training Year

So begins 2016.

A new slate, a new year and a new training plan.  Oh and a new instagram hashtag too!  (#fergystreak but I'll get to that in a little bit!).

I think I have decided on my first 3 races of the year:

1. Olds Tri Diva at the beginning of May - this was my first ever triathlon last year and I want to do it again as a tester race, plus I want to see if I can do a top 3 this year.  I was 4th in my age band last year and I hope I can better that this year!

2. Wasa Triathlon in June - this will be my first open water triathlon and its kind of scaring the crap out of me already!  Its a Sprint - so at least the swim is only 750m!

3. Chinook Olympic in July - I'll bump up to an Olympic this year.  The 1500m swim has me a little concerned, the 40K bike shouldn't be too bad and the 10K run should be ok!  I've got a full 7 months to get my training in for this race.

I'm hoping to get one more Triathlon in - and maybe a 1500m Open Water swim in Canmore if I'm feeling really adventurous - but the ones that I listed are the ones that I'm gunning for as of right now.  I know I need to set up a good training plan, but right now I need to build the base, build the base, build the base!!  Thats my goal for January - keep building my running up, get back into the pool once or twice a week and then get on my bike twice a week.

#fergystreak - I'm quite excited about this!!  I want to stay active without trying to kill myself plus I want to be active with other people so I thought if I got my SIL, BIL, my husband and I all on a workout challenge we would be more accountable with our workouts.  (Ok, I want to be accountable, I'm just dragging the rest of them along for the ride!).  The requirements are at least 10 minutes of workout each day.  My goal is to run at least 1K everyday and if I'm not feeling well (like today) it might just be a walk on the treadmill or some quality Yoga to get myself moving a little bit.
 My goal is to do a sport specific workout 5x a week and then do something to get myself moving the other two days a week.  I need to make a plan otherwise I'll never get through it all!  That is my task at hand.....

Until next time my friends.