Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A Baby Brick

I took yesterday off - I wanted to bike or run or something but I know if I don't start this thing out slowly its all going to go to crap and that's the last thing that I want!  So yesterday was a rest day - and it was good.  Today however, I got my Garmin speed/cadence sensor up and running on my bike and it actually paired with my bike AND the treadmill got fixed today too - a HUGE thank you to my husband for fixing those both for me! 

I've never done a brick before but I thought today would be a great day to try it out!  Keeping with my mantra of easing into it I decided to do a 15 minute bike and a 15 minute run  to keep it light and not over do it. 

According to my Garmin I did 10.53km in 15 minute and 15 seconds.  In my little newby mind I'm thinking that's great - I know its not - but I'm still celebrating anyways!  ;)  I know it will only get better. 

Next up was my 15 minute run on the treadmill.  I was a little worried how my legs would feel after my bike but it was a fantastic run.  2K in 14 minutes and 53 seconds.  I totally could have kept going but a combination of my mantra along with my sick son coming downstairs and scaring me stopped my workout dead in its tracks.  The flip side is that I went from running to carrying a 36 pound little boy up two flights of stairs to his room - extra workout! 

It wasn't a major workout by any means, but its a START.  And starting is a good thing.

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