Friday, December 26, 2014

TryHard - A New Beginning

Here I go again - a new Blog, its almost the start of a new year, and the start of YET another 'training plan' that I'm trying desperately to plan out and assuring myself that I'll stick to.   In years past I do great with my training plans until I have two hiccups in a row and then it all goes to crap - I'm promising myself that wont happen this year.

My major change this year is that I'm not coming out the gates with my guns a blazing  - as far as my last workout efforts go, I'd say I'm actually planning on taking it pretty easy.  I have 3 (yes only THREE) main goals this year when it comes to goal races.  They are:
  • Airdrie Try a Try - May 18, 2015
  • Inveremere Tri (sprint) or Lake Chaparral (sometime in July)
  • Subaru Banff Tri (sprint) September 6, 2015

Like I said before, I'm not going out and saying I am going to attack a 70.3 this July.  This year I'm actually listening to my husband and going about the whole Triathlon/training thing a little (dare I say it....) smarter this year.  ;)   Rather than starting out full bore, I've decided that this year I am ONLY going to focus on a Try a Tri and do two Sprint Tris......that's it.  (although I might do a few of the MEC 7 series 5K/10K races because they are cheap, supported and timed races)  I don't have any half marathons planned, no crazy trail races planned, nothing but the super laid back Airdrie Try a Tri (that goes down in 142 days but who's counting?!?!), an undetermined summer sprint tri, but that's in open water so its a little more stressful, and then the Subaru Banff Tri in September (253 days...!).  The Banff tri is the goal race - I am really really really looking forward to that one, although the lake is going to be freezing but I'm thinking that will be half the fun?!?

So I sat down today and tentatively mapped out my January training plan. Nothing crazy - just 2-3 runs a week and 1 swim.  No long runs yet, no crazy biking.  My fitness level is essentially back at Level 0...not even close to a Level 1 or anywhere near where I was in the summer last year when I was kind of training for my half's in the summer. 

My workout area in the basement is nothing glamorous, its just my treadmill and bike in front of massive windows that I keep closed since I don't really need an entire neighbourhood of people watching me grunt groan and sweat my arse off.  I'm hoping to switch some stuff around so I can watch either the computer or something on a TV I want to bring downstairs,  and I'll be keeping those blinds drawn!!! 

Tomorrow will be a day of getting all my workout crap in order so when the treadmill is fixed (hopefully tomorrow night)  I'll be ready to go!


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